Thursday, September 1, 2011


hay dudes.

i created this blog way back when i just started my cardiovascular technology studies in college, so i chose the name "atherosclerosis" because i couldn't think of anything original. i mainly used the account for commenting on friends' blogs and didn't post any entries until i moved to copenhagen. in the first year i was living here with no job, no friends, and a dwindling amount of money, i needed something to keep myself busy before i went nuts. now, after over 2 years of blogging, i gained some sort of knowledge on how to cook and this dumb blog even helped me find my best friends in denmark. oh, and i'm not any crazier than i was back in the states. so i guess posting was a good idea after all.

anyway i changed the name from "atherosclerosis" to something that is more understandable and easy to remember. my husband and i recently bought (woah, serious!) a flat in copenhagen and will be moving into yet another small kitchen, so copenhagen kitchen is only appropriate. yeah, i know. it's not creative at all. but at least now my husband won't give me grief over the weird blog name. (:

if you actually linked back to my blog at some point, please update your links. this name change is permanent... at least until we move out of copenhagen!